About Us

The Metabolic 4-Week Reset Programme has been developed as a path towards positive changes for New Zealanders with any of the metabolic diseases.

Led by passionate health coach Kimba Lawrence, the programme is focused on local communities coming together for coaching and support, and where possible, with the benefits of face-to-face connections and guidance.

Our mission is to improve health through community learning and support. Our small group coaching around New Zealand achieves the learning, support and change needed to help our communities naturally reverse their metabolic disease.

What we do

Through our network of local Metabolic Reset Coaches, we deliver a research-led health programme to help anyone with metabolic health concerns such as type 2 diabetics, excess weight that won’t shift, high blood pressure and cholesterol – Our programme will help your body to repair, rebalance and recover your health.

How we do it

We meet you where you are at – in your local community with a supportive group led by a qualified health coach to learn together and be supported at every step for a 4-week reset that focuses on restoring the body back into balance and being well – how it was designed to be.

What's important to us

Giving the right information – there is so much advice on type 2 diabetes, weight loss and other metabolic concerns, and so much of it simply doesn’t work. We want to help people stop endless searching and scrolling and start taking action with personalised advice from expert Metabolic Reset Health Coaches.

Valuing community – change happens best when you have real-life support. We value bringing people together on a similar journey to offer the support, learning, motivation and experiences that help you achieve goals. Our health coaches nurture community and connection.

Empowering with knowledge – We’re passionate about helping people turn their health around, live the life they want and be in the driver’s seat of their own health and future.

Real change – We offer a simple plan, easy to follow, and designed to work at your own pace because that’s how lasting change happens. You will learn skills to help yourself and your family which will be sustainable long term.

Kimba Lawrence, Founder & Director

Kimba has a background in social sciences, and natural health and is a mindset change practitioner. She is deeply committed to helping people improve their lives through better health.

From initially delivering a purely online type 2 diabetes programme, Kimba saw a higher need for in-person coaching support that connected people within their communities for real change. This led to the development of the Metabolic  Reset Programme with a dedicated team of Health Coaches around New Zealand. Creating this 4-week programme in local communities continually drives Kimba to keep up her focus on improving outcomes for those with type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Seeing people regain their health together with the support they need, that’s her mission.

The Metabolic Reset team create the small coaching groups in their local area and have the expertise needed to educate and guide members toward better health. They have a passion for helping people live fuller, happy lives and to have the good health they deserve. We look forward to working with you.

PHONE: +64 21 519 968 (New Zealand)

EMAIL: info@metabolicreset.co.nz

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