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Tim M

“I believe anyone diagnosed with type 2 diabetes should be put onto this programme. The support is great and I have finally found something that works.

Coleen S

I was worried about ‘failing’ the programme but this God-send programme has got me to where I am now. I’m off all the medications, more than 10kg lighter and feeling more active and better each day. The team has guided me through each step, the doctors advice is so useful, and the education regarding food and what to watch out for, is brilliant. I am just so grateful.

Cary W

The education and support have been great and I know what to do going forward to keep my health maintained.  I can recommend the Metabolic 4-week Reset programme to anyone who wants to turn their health around and not do it on your own.

Sharon D

‘‘I am so grateful. I haven’t seen these numbers for years. It was a gentle step by step process. I lost so much weight without realising it – unheard of!’’

Matt T

‘‘I got to keep my job! The plan has not been a big sacrifice, just a new routine. It has been simple to get the gist of the plan and there is extra information there if you want to dig deeper into the ‘why’s’. I have found lots of new recipes and I am really enjoying my food and my new weight’.

Carol H

‘In just a few months following this programme, I feel more energetic than ever before. I am amazed at how great I feel! My HbA1c has been as high as 83 however my very latest HbA1c lab result was 48. This officially now makes me pre-diabetic and marks the first time in 14 years that I can say that.’

Sue G

“After 12 years, I am off all medication, lost lots of weight and no longer have diabetes.  I have been amazed by the programme and I’m very happy indeed. I’ve really appreciated the expertise and all of the information being in one place. The support from other members working to their health has been invaluable.” 

Avril B

“It’s like my body has had a wonderful reset and now craves healthy food choices most of the time. I have avoided insulin injections and have a plan that works. This programme is great. I am a happier, healthier me.”

Colin H

“I can recommend  this programme for their expertise and support. I have lost a lot of weight and improved my numbers. I know I am on the right path with the right knowledge“.  

Fiona C

“I have lost 30kg now which I have sought to crack for 18 years. I am amazed! I have finally found people who believe in me, and an eating regime that works, and it is so easy.  My prediabetes is reversed”

Jo B

So far one of my biggest excitements is that I am off insulin injections!  I truly thought insulin injections were part of my lot for life. I have gone from 58 units a day to nil AND my blood glucose levels are great and I feel great!!!. What an amazing programme this has been for me.”

Susan B

“I am no longer prediabetic and I feel healthy again. My energy is better, my knees and ankles are much less achy and I have a new relationship with food. I have loved the support of the Metabolic Reset team.”

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