Case Study – Sharon D

‘‘I am so grateful. I haven’t seen these numbers on the scales for years, it was a gentle step by step process. I lost the weight without realising it – unheard of!’’

Sharon, 68, always knew that Type 2 diabetes was a risk with a history that increased her vulnerability to the disease. After developing diabetes with its constantly high insulin levels over a decade ago, she was experiencing worrying signs.

 Her eyes were now degenerating, tiredness was a daily feature and she was needing to manage several inflammatory related health issues that often go hand in hand with diabetes.

Sharon really wanted to head into retirement feeling healthy but didn’t know how that could happen with her existing conditions.

She had previously made strenuous weight loss efforts with frustrating results and simply did not know how to get results or to how to improve her diabetes.  Her diabetes medication was also giving her digestive issues but what other option was there to manage a disease that gets progressively worse?

Joining the programme proved the turning point for Sharon, giving her an option that put her in control again, with doctor-led proven strategies and an expert team guiding her.

Today, Sharon cannot believe her recent test results delivered by her doctor, showing ‘no presence of diabetes’. It was news she needed a day to process, as it seemed unbelievable. After having type 2 diabetes for 15 years, this was a future that had seemed out of reach.

Today her HbA1c results have decreased from 59 to 36 and her weight loss to date is a huge achievement, with a drop of a whopping 20 kilos lost so far and her medication has been stopped. Her other health markers are also improving. Sharon says the metabolic programme hasn’t been hard and like so many, she wished she had found the ‘right time’ years ago.

She says that the programme support has been great, particularly the Facebook  support group members who understand the issues we all face so well.

‘I am so grateful. I haven’t seen these numbers on the scales for years, it was a gentle step by step process. I lost the weight without realising it – unheard of!’

When she commenced the programme, Sharon had said to our coaches that ‘anything under 100 kilo’s seems unimaginable’. Now she feels she can reset her target weight.

Sharon’s results have happened within just 6 months of joining the programme and she continues to receive the support and guidance for even more health improvements and weight loss. Sharon’s sister Rosie, also joined the programme and has lost over 25 kilos, allowing these sisters to reset their family history and show others that reversing diabetes is possible. They embarked on a three-day tramp together; achieving a long term aspiration for them both.

Finding the Blood Sugar Reset programme and taking the step to join the programme has created the healthy life Sharon imagined for her retirement years.

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