The Metabolic Reset Programme

Take control of your health NATURALLY with Cynthea Corbett

I am a Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach based in Dunedin. Through my business, Health Simply Otago, I specialise in metabolic health.

At 61 I was faced with recovering my own metabolic health issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation (arthritis pain), fatty liver and was over weight. I’m no longer on any regular medications and my health is restored. Losing over 30 kg was a bonus!

I have never felt this good. So much so, that in 2021 I returned to study to empower others to achieve their best health too…

I offer a Metabolic Reset Programme which is individualised so the health coaching can be directed where most needed.

I would love to help you take control of your health and support you to get the results you want, to live your best life.


I am pleased to be able to offer the Metabolic Health Reset Programme to those ready to take control of their own health and get on the right track.  We start with a complimentary chat to find out where you are at and what you would like to achieve. Together we will tailor a plan to suit you.

When you have the right plan and support, results will come.

I look forward to working with you.

Common areas I offer expertise in:

Reversing type 2 diabetes


Insulin resistance recovery

Hormone rebalancing

Blood pressure and cholesterol rebalancing

Eating plans to suit you

Addressing underlying health issues

What some of our programme participants say

The biggest delight for me has been significant weight loss after years of trying to lose it without success and it was easy, I just needed the right help and someone that believed in me. I have lost 30 kilos and my diabetes is officially reversed. I recommend proactive steps for health, it is simply never too soon to make lifestyle changes.
Fiona C.

I am so grateful. I haven’t seen these numbers for years. It was a gentle step-by-step process. I lost so much weight without realising it and I feel great. I was wondering how I would enjoy my retirement with the health issues I had.
Sharon D.

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