The Metabolic Reset Programme

The Metabolic Reset Programme is designed to counteract chronic health disorders which disrupt normal metabolism (the body’s process of converting what we eat into energy).

Based on science, the protocol offers support tailored to your specific needs. Beginning with a comprehensive    4-week regime and professional health coaching. You will be guided toward optimal health and wellness.

As a Certified Health Coach with a background in nursing and education, I will bring a unique blend of holistic and evidence-based support to your health and wellness journey.

Alongside metabolic health, I also have experience with Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease, utilising lifestyle medicine to optimise brain health. I am passionate about the health of women of all ages, and have a special interest in addressing pelvic pain.

Are you ready to address your high blood pressure, manage your blood sugar levels naturally, loose that excess body fat on your waistline, boost your energy levels, and live a life free of aches and pains?

Do you dream of living without pain or lack of energy? Do you want to participate fully in life? Are you ready to be reacquainted with your body, listen to the cues it sends and nurture yourself to restoration and vitality?

Your body is naturally designed for a state of wellness, when we create an optimal environment, you can begin to heal yourself.

Now is the time to recalibrate. Contact me today to arrange a complimentary discussion about how you can begin your Metabolic Reset or to discuss any other aspects of your health.

Common areas I offer expertise in:

Reversing type 2 diabetes


Insulin resistance recovery

Hormone rebalancing

Blood pressure and cholesterol rebalancing

Womens Health

Addressing underlying health issues

What some of our programme participants say

The biggest delight for me has been significant weight loss after years of trying to lose it without success and it was easy, I just needed the right help and someone that believed in me. I have lost 30 kilos and my diabetes is officially reversed. I recommend proactive steps for health, it is simply never too soon to make lifestyle changes.
Fiona C.

I am so grateful. I haven’t seen these numbers for years. It was a gentle step-by-step process. I lost so much weight without realising it and I feel great. I was wondering how I would enjoy my retirement with the health issues I had.
Sharon D.

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