The Metabolic Reset Programme

Common areas I offer expertise in:

Reversing type 2 diabetes


Insulin resistance recovery

Hormone rebalancing

Blood pressure and cholesterol rebalancing

Eating plans to suit you

Addressing underlying health issues

Take control of your health NATURALLY with Jess van Slooten




I am super excited to bring my expertise and passion to the Metabolic Reset Programme. My own journey has been one of resilience and transformation, significantly shaped by my own double lung transplant in 2020. This experience has driven me to help others navigate their health challenges and achieve optimal well-being.

With a background as an expert facilitator, and a certified Prekure Health Coach, I provide practical and empathetic guidance tailored to your unique needs. My goal at Metabolic Reset is to empower you to make informed, value-aligned decisions that lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life. My coaching philosophy centers on empathy, empowerment, and evidence-based decision-making, ensuring that every step you take is towards lasting well-being.

What I Bring to You:

  • Personal Experience: Having overcome significant health challenges, I offer genuine insights and support tailored to your journey
  • Professional ExpertiseMy background in health and wellbeing provides you with knowledgeable and practical guidance
  • Empowerment Focus: I help you make decisions that resonate with your core values, fostering confidence and control over your health
  • Holistic Approach: Combining motivational speaking, expert facilitation, and practical strategies, I inspire and guide you towards lasting wellbeing

Join me at Metabolic Reset to embark on a transformative health journey. Together, we can unlock your potential for a vibrant, healthier future.

What some of our programme participants say

The biggest delight for me has been significant weight loss after years of trying to lose it without success and it was easy, I just needed the right help and someone that believed in me. I have lost 30 kilos and my diabetes is officially reversed. I recommend proactive steps for health, it is simply never too soon to make lifestyle changes.
Fiona C.

I am so grateful. I haven’t seen these numbers for years. It was a gentle step-by-step process. I lost so much weight without realising it and I feel great. I was wondering how I would enjoy my retirement with the health issues I had.
Sharon D.

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