By joining our programme, you will reverse the direction of your health and be in control of it long term

With personalised support from our team of Metabolic Reset Coaches, we deliver the easy-to-follow lifestyle strategies and steps for gaining control of your metabolic health concerns. This doesn’t mean calorie counting, hunger or bland replacement shakes. Instead, it’s learning what causes your insulin resistance and what can be done to restore it and allow the body to get on with repairing and rebalancing itself.

We do things differently

Going beyond the ‘just don’t eat sugar and do more exercise’ advice and the reliance on increasing medications to control the numbers, our 4-8 week programme is based on scientific evidence for managing insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes, excess weight, high blood pressure and cholesterol, gout and heart issues – all the modern day chronic metabolic diseases.

How it works

Speak to our team

We tailor our programme to you. We find out what you want to achieve, how you want to learn and where you are in New Zealand. The Metabolic Reset Coaches work in their local area or there’s the option of 1:1 online coaching available to you.

Join your group

Our coaching workshops will guide your learning and recieve support from your coach. If it’s personalised online coaching you’ve selected, we’ll set up your schedule of videos and coaching calls.

Follow the steps

With everything provided, including the plans, recipes, mindset and strategies for handling the challenges, following the programme is easy. Help and support are available at every step.

Test your changes

After 4-8 weeks on the programme it’s time to test blood sugar and other tests to see the effect of the lifestyle changes made. Our health coaches provide options for how to continue on the path to reversing insulin resistance and staying in control of your health.

Ready to get started and take control of your health NATURALLY?

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Why It Works

Why does the current medical advice not work? Because it leaves most people feeling confused, overwhelmed and focused on medications with unwelcome side effects.

The Metabolic Reset Programme is different.

Science-led Programme

The programme includes the latest strategies that affect insulin resistance positively through lifestyle, not medications, shakes or supplements.

Easy to follow for change

We're focused on helping people get started and getting results. Our coaches guide step by step, focused on a positive change to blood sugars in 4 weeks.

Avocado Salad

Insulin focused

 Our programme is focused on reversing insulin resistance, the underlying cause behind Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Weight loss and improved health is the natural outcome.

Personalised Support

Have conversations about your health with real-time in-person responses. Personalised coaching works for many over online programmes and with local groups in communities it's a shared experience with a common goal - a healthy and happy life.

Success Stories From Our Programme

“A huge THANK YOU for providing this online. How do you begin to say thank you for a second chance at life and health? It’s priceless, and, I am so so grateful.”


” I don’t have enough words to describe the immense help that the Metabolic Reset team has given me in bringing back my health.

This is a new beginning for me to reverse my diabetes and I never knew that it was possible.”


“I have lost 25 kg and am under that horrid 100 kg barrier, which I have sought to crack for 18 years. I have finally found people who believe in me, and an eating regime that works, and it is so easy. So grateful.”


“I can recommend this programme to others for their expertise and support. I am looking forward to being a non-diabetic and continuing to improve my more complex health issues over time. I know I am on the right path with the right knowledge.”


“What an amazing programme this is! One of my biggest excitements is I am off insulin injections, all of my other medicines too AND my bloods are great! My GP is very impressed.”


“The weight is staying off, the programme is working. I believe the information is right and the support is really helping, me especially from the other member’s with their encouragement.”


Are You Ready To Start Reversing Your Health?

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