Case Study – Carol H

‘It’s been five months with the Diabetes Clinic programme and I feel more energetic now than ever before. I am amazed at how great I feel! My HbA1c has been as high as 83 however my very latest HbA1c lab result was 48. This officially now makes me pre-diabetic and marks the first time in 14 years that I can say that.’

Carol, 67 years, and never had such results and never felt better

 As many doctors before have said to their patients – your diabetes is not reversible. However, if this is to be believed and indeed if Type 2 diabetic Carol Hudson, 67, had believed it, where would her health be today? Would Carol be sharing the joy of a healthy life? The answer is in the statistics for Type 2 diabetes and the strain on our health systems from its progression and complications Carol, however, is an example of how diabetes and health can be turned around.

Carol came to the Blood Sugar Reset programme as a type 2 diabetic of 14 years, with a doctor that told her that her diabetes was not reversible. Years of weight issues and dieting had dominated her adult life. Now five months into a new way of living, Carol has shared what her health now looks like. 

Before the programme my blood glucose levels on my home testing kit have been as high as 17mmol/L and now they average 6 – 7 and I have seen even lower numbers. I am aiming for under 5.5 to officially reverse my disease.

With more time where I keep doing what I am doing, I’m confident of this. I have now lost over 15kg, from a start weight of 95k. I have finally found people who believe in me, and a regime that works, and it is so easy. My weight loss is incredible to me, especially without the sense of being on a ‘diet’. It is just a friendly side result as I have been addressing my main goal of reversing my diabetes. I do not weigh myself anymore after years of dieting. I listen to my body and manage my blood glucose levels.

My doctor is happy and I have now come off all my medicines and my blood glucose levels remain the lowest they have been (without taking the medication). I was starting to get quite a few uncomfortable symptoms, many indicating neuropathy settling in (nerve damage). My numbness, cramps and leg pain has gone, I urinate much less, perhaps ‘normal now’. My itchy skin has stopped and I was getting a lot of skin tags and that seems to have stopped. I feel I have prevented big health complications

I feel so empowered about my own health for the first time in my life. Through the Blood Sugar Reset Programme, I finally know what to do and know that it is working. This is after years of unhelpful advice – which I did try to follow – the usual – eat less – exercise more, eat certain carbs (sigh)! I have stopped asking for that standard help, in fact, I gained weight and higher blood sugar levels. What I am doing now with the programme is not hard for me, it feels like a normal part of my life. It instinctively feels natural and right and therefore quite easy. I have even set a goal to walk a half marathon.

For the first time, all the information I needed was in one place. I don’t think I could have achieved my results on my own, I would have fallen off the wagon if I hadn’t had the programme and the other people doing it together. 

I have worked at my own pace and timing which has worked so well for me. Being accountable and part of a group has made a big difference to my experience and results. I am eternally grateful.

I can recommend this programme who wants to turn their diabetes or metabolic health issues around. 

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