Case Study – Susan B

“I am no longer prediabetic and I feel healthy again. My energy is better, my knees and ankles are much less achey and I have a new relationship with food. I have loved the support and knowledge of this programme.”

Knowledge is powerful and daily testing created accountability for change

Susan, 55, held health and food knowledge more than most, however her food choices were still driven by sugar addiction. When diagnosed with prediabetes, she was sure that would kick start her into healthier food choices, however the chocolate kept coming back and the resulting weight gain came with it.

When Susan’s diabetes nurse reacted to her HbA1c results of 42 with “oh, it’s mild, don’t bother yourself with it”, Susan chose a different path. With a need for support and accountability to make real change, Susan joined The Blood Sugar Reset Programme. With one of the programme’s key features being daily self-testing for blood glucose levels, Susan then felt informed and in charge of managing change by monitoring just how her food choices were affecting her blood sugar levels. She was particularly surprised to learn that eating grains had a similar effect on her blood sugar levels as eating sugar. 

Her HbA1c is now under 37 meaning Susan is now classified as non-diabetic and most importantly feels in charge of sugar, which was the underlying cause of her food choices. This change has taken less than 4 months and after so many diets, Susan is delighted to have lost at least 10 kilograms and many centimetres off her body. Her weight loss is continuing but more so, she feels healthy and confident to reclaim her health and ideal weight back. She is able to tune in to her body signals and take more care. Susan has even left an old favourite behind saying, “I can no longer handle eating a caramel slice, my all-time favourite”. 

Through the programme Susan has discovered the combination of holistic lifestyle changes that work together to improve health. Measures of health including energy, pain, stress and sleep have all improved for her, “my energy is better and my knees and ankles are much less achy which allows me to do more walking. I have got myself into a good routine with eating and I have a new healthy relationship with food. I am now working on managing my stress related to work and study while I have the support of the coaches team and other programme members.” 

By combining knowledge, expertise, monitoring, support and community together, Susan has moved from prediabetic to non-diabetic and is now in control of her choices, “I am very grateful for the encouragement of other members and for the expertise of the team. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me.” Many more opportunities now await Susan with her new lease on life! 

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