Sisters take on reversing diabetes together for double the success

With International Friendship Day, it’s a reminder of what we can achieve together, now more than ever. Two of our members are more than friends, they’re sisters who embarked together, to take on Type 2 diabetes and improve their health. 

Sharon 68 and Rosie 62, have a family history that put them both at risk of Type 2 diabetes. With Rosie approaching pre-diabetes, her sister Sharon had been living with the disease for over a decade. Rosie knew her weight and the inability to lose it was a big risk factor. Whilst for Sharon it was about taking that step toward better health and believing she could do it. 

‘I credit my sister Rosie for encouraging me to think this seemingly unachievable goal was within my reach’ . And it was.

The Diabetes Clinic Online welcomed them both to achieve their goals and with our resources and the support they gave to each other, they kept their focus.

To date, Rosie is delighted to have lost 20 kilos which was her goal AND she is still losing weight. She has made positive changes in so many areas that she never imagined possible. She says that the programme support has been great, particularly the Facebook support group.

‘I am so grateful. I haven’t seen these numbers on the scales for years, it was a gentle step by step process. I lost the weight without realising it – unheard of!’

Today, Sharon cannot believe her recent test results delivered by her doctor, showing ‘no presence of diabetes’. It was news she needed a day to process, as it seemed unbelievable. After having type 2 diabetes for 15 years, this was a future that had seemed out of reach.

Today her HbA1c results have decreased from 58 to 38 and like her sister Rosie, her weight loss to date is a huge achievement, with a drop of a whopping 17 kilos so far. Her other health markers are also improving. Sharon says the Diabetes Clinic programme hasn’t been hard and she wished she had found the ‘right time’ years ago. 

Sharon’s results have happened within just 6 months of joining The Diabetes Clinic Online and she continues to receive the support and guidance for even more health improvements and weight loss. She is excited to have found the Diabetes Clinic but also to have taken the step to join us, creating the healthy life her and Rosie imagined for each other, as friends and sisters, resetting their family history in the process.

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Type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease and when there is a family history, the risks are greater. Lifestyle strategies have been shown to work in reducing the risks, complications and impact on health but are often difficult to achieve alone. With knowledge, support and guidance from an expert community, the results that Rosie and Sharon have achieved are something that is within reach for most with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. Don’t wait, take on your diabetes with a proven system for reversal, naturally.

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